Jessica Nissen

Jessica Nissen, Mud Season Review artist

Breaking free of “flatland”

Cynthia Close interviews
Jessica Nissen


Our art editor, Cynthia Close, recently spoke with Jessica Nissen, Issue #6’s featured artist. Here’s what she had to say about her artistic development, influences on her art, and how she supports herself as an artist…
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Art: Issue #6

All In Our Head Mixed-media on paper series Jessica Nissen                            …

"Organs," photo of installation, Dublin Cat's Head

Nonfiction: Issue #5

The Origins of Minor Injuries

by Dinh Prince

Dozens of nights play out in this way: Benjamin twisting out of our arms again and again, arching his back, rolling his eyes, his muscles hardening as he struggles away from our grasp. A baby can be enormously strong, its power centered in the stomach under misleading layers of fat…Read more