Jonathan Rovner

a slanted way of approaching it

Sean Prentiss interviews
Jonathan Rovner


Guest editor Sean Prentiss interviewed featured nonfiction author Jonathan Rovner for this issue. Here’s what Rovner had to say about his experimental approach to his subject matter, his counterbalancing use of humor, and his writing process… Read more

"Enveloped, or How I Felt with You" by Julia Haw, 40" x 36" Oil on Canvas, 2007-2012, Mud Season Review


The Funambulists

By Jonathan Rovner

Conjure up two people—let’s say one man and one woman—and place them in a nondescript room. Don’t slap them down like stamps in an album; people are fragile, after all. Fill the room with tension. The problem, of course, is that tension doesn’t look like anything. You might have to use your imagination. Maybe floodwaters are filling the room with a sluggish inevitability…
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