the poem starts to write itself from within

Grier Martin interviews
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad


Our poetry reader Grier Martin recently had this exchange with Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, featured poet for Issue #35. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her feelings on spoken word poetry, and how writing helps her work through painful experiences…Read more

Robert Rothman

a poem is like a mud season

Aurora Nowak interviews
Robert Rothman


Our poetry coeditor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Robert Rothman, featured poet for Issue #36. Here’s what he had to say about the eternal life of poetry, his love and passion for the process of writing it, and the inspiration behind some of his poems featured in Mud Season Review…Read more

"Paint # 60" by James W Johnson, acrylic/ink on wood, 7x9, 2014



By Robert Rothman

You have to knee her forward, down the sand

embankment, shoes clattering like silver dollars

on the river rock, encouraging words mixed with

spurs, into the freezing wash, the surge…
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the power to heal

Grier Martin interviews
Sandy Coomer


Our former poetry editor Grier Martin recently had this exchange with Sandy Coomer, featured poet for Issue #34. Here’s what she had to say about stylistic choices, the development of voice, and the power of a mentor…Read more

"Synapse Tree" by John Timothy Robinson, 2012, paper 8.5x11 and image 7x9 with the medium as monotype (reductive technique) and the print in the collection of the artist


After the Antidepressants Stopped Working

By Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

There is a phrase we use in Farsi

in despair or desperation:

joonam beh labam reseedeh, or

my life has reached my lips,

and how I wished it were true…
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the words spoken need to seduce: micro-interviews with 6 poets

Grier Martin interviews
6 poets from Issue 33


Our poetry editor Grier Martin recently had these exchanges with our Issue #33 poets Natalie Crick, Aileen Bassis, Kristian O’Hare, D. S. Maolalai, Milla van der Have, and Rachel Walker. Here’s what they had to say about their inspirations and the act of writing poetry… Read more

"The Snow After Joe's Funeral" by Jenn Powers, acrylic/photography/digital manipulation


The Small Book of Virtues

By Sandy Coomer

a bitch

in pain knows no better

than to bite the one

that lifts its broken body…
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Ice Cream and Blood

Chromatography was our best chance,

to separate blood from

the ice cream. I see there’s little oil

in the world

to make this love go round…
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A Girl Who Was Born Without a Mother

She could be progeny from another

universe where metal coalesced

with blood and salt—she emerges

with a scattering of nails and rust,

chewing gum and baby hair…
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