Naomie Jean-Pierre

Leaving, Hoping, Mourning

Aurora Nowak interviews
Naomie Jean-Pierre


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #40 featured poet Naomie Jean-Pierre. Here’s what Naomie had to say about the inspiration for her poetry, how she approaches form, and how painful experiences manifest in her art… 
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The Executive Meeting


The Apologetics of Leaving

By Naomie Jean-Pierre

a leaving 

begins in the 

calluses on my feet 

calcium, hardened on my teeth 

laughter ghosts 

a smile in disguise beneath my nose… 
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Black Dog



By Kristin Macintyre

I am so far away I write you 

a postcard from the next room, 

say there is a whole 

grove of plum trees 

on the rooftop – neat little rows of stones 

fruit above the washroom… 
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E. Kristin Anderson

Creativity Driven by Constraint

Aurora Nowak interviews
E. Kristin Anderson


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #38 featured poet E. Kristin Anderson. Here’s what she had to say about why she was drawn to the centos form, how she approaches rough drafts and revisions, what she’s working on next, and more…. 
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Petroglyphs Blood Moon


Drape the Mirrors.

By E. Kristin Anderson

Two months had passed –  

the bed was all made; 

the doctor on the phone 

made an art of simple speech. 

Back from the dead 

a tiny voice reached… 
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Urvashi Bahuguna

“The Crooked Timber of Humanity”

Aurora Nowak interviews
Urvashi Bahuguna


Poetry coeditor Aurora Nowak interviews poet Urvashi Bahuguna about her literary influences, her writing practices, her career as a journalist, her new book of essays about mental illness, and more… 
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By Urvashi Bahuguna

It took long hours to fashion a set of wings 

out of cardboard and silver foil, to pour glue 

out of a blue bottle, paint with a flat brush 

to the very edge. My mother punched holes, 

slipped drawstrings borrowed from petticoats 

and tied them on my back… 
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the poem starts to write itself from within

Grier Martin interviews
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad


Our poetry reader Grier Martin recently had this exchange with Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, featured poet for Issue #35. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her feelings on spoken word poetry, and how writing helps her work through painful experiences…Read more

Robert Rothman

a poem is like a mud season

Aurora Nowak interviews
Robert Rothman


Our poetry coeditor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Robert Rothman, featured poet for Issue #36. Here’s what he had to say about the eternal life of poetry, his love and passion for the process of writing it, and the inspiration behind some of his poems featured in Mud Season Review…Read more

"Paint # 60" by James W Johnson, acrylic/ink on wood, 7x9, 2014



By Robert Rothman

You have to knee her forward, down the sand

embankment, shoes clattering like silver dollars

on the river rock, encouraging words mixed with

spurs, into the freezing wash, the surge…
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