"Laid Bare" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 60“ x 48” 2012


Some New Ways of Making Love

By Tyler Friend

You, holding a corpse pose.

Me, carefully eating a peach,

but cracking a tooth on the pit

anyway. You, riding a bicycle…
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writing is part of how I resist

Erin Post interviews
Chen Chen


Our poetry co-editor Erin Post had this exchange with Chen Chen, our Issue #28 and Volume 3 print issue featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about writing communities, pop culture as an influence, and his intentional use of humor in his poetry…. Read more

"Roller-life" by Irina Udalova, tempera on paper, 2008


Circle “C” If You Just Don’t Know

By Chen Chen

I failed the multiple choice exam. I failed to thank the driver

before exiting the bus. I failed my pet fish in the third grade.

I am failing to recall if it was the third or in fact second grade…
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kingdom of babel

Samuel Hughes interviews
Talal Alyan


Our poetry co-editor Samuel Hughes recently had this exchange with Talal Alyan, our Issue #27 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about political poetry, the concept of change, and the inspiration for his poetry collection Babeldom…. Read more

"redblue" by V.A. Smith, Photograph, Italy


Manifest Destiny

By Talal Alyan

“…..grow to love that strange language”

this century

bores. its growl like

a feral beast.

I want to devour

it with silver-spoon

teeth. put sea salt

along the spinal

cord of its borders…
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tucked away ennui of the sprawling west

Samuel Hughes interviews
Seth Copeland


Our poetry co-editor Samuel Hughes recently had this exchange with Seth Copeland, our Issue #26 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about his development as a poet, life in a rural area, and our gravitation towards legends, myths, and the past…. Read more

"Pregnancy Dance" by Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Digital Image



By Seth Copeland

The wordless marker fell over years back,

but they know where to look, bending through

tensile wire, the blue spray of flashlights

guiding their drunk steps…
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poetry is everywhere

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Triin Paja


Our poetry co-editor Chris LaMay-West recently had this exchange with Triin Paja, our Issue #25 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about falling in love with literature, the importance of attentiveness, and the different perspectives gained from being bilingual…. Read more

"Hands No. 5" by Kimberly VanDenBerg, 3'x4' Oil On Canvas, Mud Season Review


The Lovers

By Triin Paja

when we go to a garden of rusted bathtubs

my body bends towards you

like a field of sunflowers, my face mantled

in the gauze of your hands…
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"Drowning #3" by Casey Gallagher, 28" x 36" Oil on Canvas, May 2015



By John Manuel Arias

tonight she feltches battery acid into his missing eyes

he wriggles like a baby bird

mid orgasm and blurts out I’ve just made love

to a shotgun because she’s

sawed off at the waist

he’s a magician

he’s the one who’s done this to her…
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