Poetry Issue #8

From Tectonics

by Josh Booton

to chart each chasm           volley the soft rock

down how down                 somewhere inside

      besides which side

                                          are you on

the rocks colliding

      a slow commotion               as they fall & all
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*Image: “Sublimation” and additional imagery by Tobias Oggenfuss

Josh Booton

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From Tectonics


Poetry 2 by Josh Booton




Poetry 1 by Josh Booton

Almost Dada, Applied Kinetic Photography, by Tobias Oggenfuss
Almost Dada


Poetry 3 by Josh Booton




Poetry 4 by Josh Booton


Lustfull Levitation, Applied Kinetic Photography, by Tobias Oggenfuss
Lustfull Levitation


Poetry 5 by Josh Booton




Poetry 6 by Josh Booton

Cognitive Dawn, Applied Kinetic Photography, by Tobias Oggenfuss
Cognitive Dawn


By Josh Booton

Josh Booton is the author of The Union of Geometry & Ash (Bear Star Press, 2013). He is the recipient of the Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize and the Keene Prize in Literature, as well as three grants from the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Foundation. His poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in The Missouri Review, Poetry Northwest, 32 Poems, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Raleigh Review, Iron Horse and elsewhere. He works as a pediatric speech therapist in Portland, OR.