Art Issue #50

Austyn Sullivan

Collage Art

The space between the conscious and subconscious mind is a space that can be bridged to open a wider perception of reality. With my collage work, I use images that create a space of familiarity and distort them to create a world of new mythologies. My collage rituals come from the pure impulse to create. Through collage I attempt to express the inexpressible through found images and intentions. The ritual of stream of consciousness is a meditative practice. In dream-like states I let my emotions and thoughts take over. Each piece I create is a mental puzzle helping me hold the mirror to my inner worlds.



By Austyn Sullivan

Austyn Sullivan is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Louisiana. Sullivan spent his earlier years
fully emerged in music. Starting off as a percussionist, Sullivan's musical interest expanded and began picking up various instruments, composing his own music and performing with bands.
Among all of Sullivan’s creative endeavors, he found a new ritual in collage art. Sullivan has focused on creating experimental works, musically and visually, that explore the mystical nature of the universe and the enigmas that exist within the human consciousness.