Art Issue #51

Weihui Lu

Acrylic on Canvas

Weihui’s large-scale, abstracted landscape paintings depict an apocalyptic world. She combines elements of Eastern ink painting and Abstract Expressionism to explore the sense of fracture and conflict within her bi-cultural identity. In her paintings, the land becomes a metaphor for the mind – both in crisis, overburdened and under siege.


By Weihui Lu

Weihui Lu was born in Shanghai, China, and immigrated to New York as a child. She graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University, where she was selected for the Centennial Scholars Fellowship, which supported her solo art exhibit at the Louise McCagg Gallery. Her paintings have also been exhibited at venues such as LIC Arts Open, Creative Mark Gallery, and published in magazines like Sine Theta Magazine. She is a 2020 Resident at Trestle Art Space. Weihui currently lives and works in Queens, NY.