Art Issue #55

Blue Sun

Artist Statement:
The main idea of my photographic series “Blue Sun” is to help to change the perception of contemporary dance as well as of a female body as an instrument of art in Armenian society. The photographs illustrate the inner sense of transparency, the merging of the body with the space, the body as an art object and the body as an element of the universe. In this way, I combine two narrative lines, which are paralleled on a philosophical level.


By Mane Hovhannisyan

Mane Hovhannisyan is an Armenian fine art and conceptual photographer. The preferred topics of her art are the reflection of the state in-between magic and reality, the correspondence of the human body to the natural and urban environment, as well as the discovery of old soviet architectural leftovers through the means of photography.

The photo series “Blue Sun” is recipient of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum grant for South Caucasus Female Photographers (2020 year) mentored by Grégoire Eloy.