Art Issue #72

“Golden Cages 2,” Acrylic on Canvas – 20x16in
Flower Explorations 11,” Acrylic on Canvas – 18x24in
“Flower Explorations 7,” Acrylic on Canvas – 18x24in
“Flower Explorations 6,” Acrylic on Canvas – 18x24in
“Flower Explorations 4,” Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24in
By Valentina Luna

Born in 1995 and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Valentina moved to Mexico City to study at Universidad Iberoamericana where she obtained a BBA in Business Administration in 2017. In CDMX Valentina studied art intermittently, until moving to New York City in 2023 to continue her studies at The Art Students League of New York, Parsons School of Design, and New York School of the Arts.

Valentina’s diverse background has allowed her to gain experience in various disciplines, and enrich her multi-cultural heritage and unique perspective, continuing her journey into the play of light and color, capturing the essence of the world that envelops us, while remaining firmly grounded in the realms of pleasure and aesthetics. Valentinas’ work draws profound inspiration from the dynamic culture and lush landscapes of her homeland, Colombia.