Issue #38

June 20th, 2018

Featured Artwork by Leah Oates

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Petroglyphs Blood Moon Poetry Issue #38
By E. Kristin Anderson
Harakiri Fiction Issue #38
By Sarah Freligh

Letter from the Editors

The photographs we feature in this issue from artist Leah Oates take the viewer on a journey through light and shadow, into “transitory spaces” that we see refracted through multiple exposures. What was dense forest becomes illuminated with color; what was dark is made light. In that space between reality and our perception of it there is a sense of possibility, the specter of something beyond.

Our featured poet for Issue #38, E. Kristin Anderson, twists the familiar through her series of centos, poems that borrow lines from other writers to create something entirely new. Her work asks us to consider how language shifts and changes with time and context. There’s a dark energy to her poetry as it contemplates body and movement, illness and health, and the moments that resonate.

Journal entries mark the passage of time in “Spiritual Dissonance,” from nonfiction author Shaun Anderson. As a member of the Mormon faith, he is called upon to reach out to others to share the message of the church. As a gay man, he’s continually at odds with the faith he’s asked to keep. In this, he explores the contradictions between our deepest truths and the forces that shape our lives.

In “Next of Kin,” from fiction author Sarah Freligh, the fall of Richard Nixon weaves through the story of a brother and sister struggling to come to terms with their past. As the next chapter unfolds for both of them, they feel the pull of familial bond and the hint of what’s next. Her story beautifully illustrates what happens when we make space for possibility.

Hope you enjoy Issue #38 of Mud Season Review!