Issue #53

December 20th, 2020

Featured Artwork by Andrea Lewicki

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Treee by Bill O'Brien Poetry Issue #53
By Ernest Ogunyemi
UnFallen by Edward Lee Fiction Issue #53
By Blake Johnson

Letter from the Editors

Sometimes in the darkest months the light is most evident. Perhaps it is the contrast of the light against the dark. The stars flash and burn. Jupiter and Saturn align. And it is in the darkest months that the arts stun us with their clarity. In Blake Johnson’s fiction piece Revelation we are moved from darkness into light; whether this light is human connection, hope, or a glimpse of something beyond, we are warmed by its promise. As Brendan Wolfe writes at the close of his creative non fiction story Linie Aquavit, “Something invisible and dark and heavy began, finally, to lift,” and again we are brightened by promise. In “psalm in praise of wanting” Nigerian poet Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí reminds us of the hope that springs from our deepest hungers, “so that each, by magic or mercy, will bloom into a city of wings.” Light wakens us in each of the collages by Andrea Lewicki, and seemingly bursts from the images. Willy Conley’s Digital Photography Anchored at Harbor literally warms us with its lamplight. Edward Lee’s Digital Painting (Un)fallen compels us to remember the soft light that lies behind, offering its comfort. Bill O’Brien’s technical India ink drawing, Tree, shows us the contrast of black on white, reminding us of the connectedness of all things that grow toward the light. With the darkest evening behind us and a heartening light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we wish you comfort. To quote Maya Angelou, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

All the best to you this season,

Elaine and Grier

The Take

Ever wonder how journal editors make decisions about work to feature? The Take gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at Mud Season Review. Here, we feature one single poem or flash fiction piece that caught the attention of the editorial team, apart from the signature poetry portfolio or fiction piece in our bi-monthly issues. We hear from the author about the inspiration for his or her work, and we hear from a co-editor about why the poem or flash fiction story stood out.

The Take: Ace Boggess

By Malisa Garlieb