About MSR: Our Mission

We seek to celebrate the full process of artistic creation, from inspiration to publication—welcoming into our open and collaborative community wide-ranging voices that tramp and track in the mud of human experience.

Mud Season: when the snow melts, the ground thaws, and everything in New England turns to mud. It’s the time when the inner work of creation is done, before it comes to fruition. This journal aims to celebrate that hidden labor.

Mud Season Review is an international literary journal run by members of the Burlington Writers Workshop, a free writing workshop based in Vermont. Our staff is dedicated to creating a journal that mirrors the openness of the workshops, in which writers of all genres support each other’s love of writing and reading, provide vibrant, kind, insightful feedback, forge significant creative relationships, and demonstrate that the pursuit of excellence in their craft doesn’t have to be formal, exclusive or anonymous. We aim to publish strong, skillful writing from far and wide.  In doing so we seek to discover voices new to us and new to publication.

We publish bi-monthly: one story, one substantial poem or portfolio of poems, one essay or piece of narrative nonfiction, and visual art. The online journal showcases these individual works and their authors for a full month, by featuring interviews with the authors, inviting them to read their work, and offering them a virtual place within our workshop community.

We aim to publish work that can teach something about life, but also about writing: what it can do with experience, and the experience it can provide a reader. Our editors will change yearly and have widely different backgrounds, but all will be dedicated writers and experienced readers, both critical and generous. We consider this diversity of perspective our strength, allowing us to find and recognize in writing what speaks to anyone willing to tune in: a strong voice or vision, ranging widely and deeply, tracking inside the mud of all the climates in which we live.