MSR Print Volume 1

Mud Season Review is excited to announce the release of its first annual print issue. This issue features new poems by and an interview with Vermont Poet Laureate Sydney Lea; an interview with Paul Bogard and an excerpt from his celebrated nonfiction book,  The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light; and the work of the many new, emerging, and established authors, poets, and artists listed below.

Our online Issue #7 offers a preview of work also featured in the print issue. Click on the title links below to view pieces from Issue #7.


Kari Giroux │Tuffy

Julie Christine Johnson │Prix Fixe

Joshua Malbin │The Abbey

Michael MinchinIn the Bodies of Beautiful Fish



Paul Bogard │Excerpt from: The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light

John Messick │Throwing Stones at Apple Trees

Craig Reinbold │Here in the Museum of Things Gone Terribly Wrong

Jan Shoemaker │ A Wedge of Light



Sue Blaustein │Businessmen Drink My Wine, Plowmen Dig My Earth

Amber Brodie │Self-Excavation in the Third Person

Leah Browning │Visiting Hours

Yuan Changming │Y

Megan Collins │Hometown Blues

Edward Dougherty │Preserving the Fabric

Kate Falvey │Cora Talks with Trees

George Freek │Poem 2 After Li Po

Heather Griffiths │Four in the Morning

Lois Marie Harrod │The Soft White Damn

Don Hogle │Last Judgment │ Smoke on the Kaibab Plateau

Tolu Jegede │The Iron

Sydney Lea │Irresolutions│Chimera│Papillons en liberté │Ukrainian Eggs

Deirdre Lockwood Before the Funeral │ Americant │ Valentines for John Berryman │ Point Judith

Rebecca Macijeski │What Was Here

Andrew McBride │I Take the Son I’ll Never Have to His First Baseball Game

John McCarthy │Mud on the Carpet

Nancy Means Wright │Dancing in the Dark with a Silver Cane │ Digging Up an Old Wound

Tom Montag │Taking Comfort

George Moore │Boat to Skellig Michael │Schoenberg’s Daughter’s White Cat

John Palen │To Finkel’s Ghost

Derek Pollard │A Flower in Joshua’s Arms

Erin Redfern │Fauntleroy Ferry

Celeste Schantz │MIA │Storyteller

Amy Schmidt │Unrequited Affections Catching on the Breeze

Helen Tirone │Father



Paige Berg Rizvi │ Maps and Legends

Nicole Heymer │ Machine Series

Jessica Nissen Mind Storms and Echoes │Floating Figures

Katie Short │ Lost and Found

Nance Van Winckel │ All Along the Tracks



Paul Bogard │ The Ground Beneath His Feet

Sydney Lea │ Ambitious for the Poem