technology can be intensely cathartic

Mike Sweeney interviews
LiQin Tan


Our art co-editor, Mike Sweeney, recently had this exchange with LiQin Tan, Issue #16’s featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about the cultural and political context for his work, his working process, and some of the technical challenges of his animation installations… Read more


story as a choreographed number

JD Fox interviews
Rebecca Fishow


Our fiction co-editor JD Fox recently had this exchange with Rebecca Fishow, our Issue #16 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her approach to style, and her development as a writer through her reading… Read more


sympathetic connections with others

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Luisa A. Igloria


Our poetry co-editor, Chris LaMay-West, recently had this exchange with Luisa A. Igloria, our Issue #16 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her development as a poet, her interest in myth and spirituality, and how growing up in the Philippines influenced her work… Read more


Fiction Issue #16

Visiting Sarah

By Rebecca Fishow

My sister Sarah meets me at the San Diego Airport. I am transit-tired, unwashed. I smell my sweat mixing with the thick hibiscus air. She pulls up in her pimped-out Altima, its rims shiny, windows tinted opaque, luring people into caring who is inside. She steps out of the car and onto the curb…
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Art Issue #16

Refractive Brain Therapy Series

By LiQin Tan

This project consists of a few large digital-brain prints on metal, which are placed into large, water-filled vats. These “brains” are accompanied by 3D animation played on LCD monitors, while the faces bask in the large vats of water…
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #16

Sap Rising: A Natural History of Neighborhood

By Arthur Plotnik

Like old homesteaders circling their spread and recalling the early days, we often walk the forty steps of our cherished one-tenth-acre plot reflecting on when we settled in an unsettling Chicago neighborhood some three decades ago. We didn’t face locusts, dust storms, or massacres (though one murder took place around the corner)….
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Poetry Issue #16


By Luisa Igloria

How many worlds could fit into a leather pouch, strung

through cord and looped around the waist? Wood

or ivory, horn or bone–antlers and hooves,

miniature wings and fins, even the tiny pulleys
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