giving each layer its time to cure

Mike Sweeney interviews
Antonio Puri


Our art co-editor Mike Sweeney recently had this exchange with Antonio Puri, our Issue #18 featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about the thought and work processes behind his featured Chandigarh Series; his drive to create universal art; and his global ambition for his art projects aimed at nonviolent social change… Read more


a weather eye on our shared civic life

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Wendy Willis


Our poetry co-editor Chris LaMay-West recently had this exchange with Wendy Willis, our Issue #18 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her poetic guiding lights, her interest in species loneliness and social justice, and her fear of doing too much to do it all well…. Read more


moral ambiguities in everyday life

JD Fox interviews
Sam Gridley


Our fiction co-editor JD Fox recently had this exchange with Sam Gridley, our Issue #18 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his writing process, his guiding lights, and what went into “How I Found God in the Laundromat” and what he hopes readers get from it…. Read more


Fiction Issue #18

How I Found God in the Laundromat

By Sam Gridley

Actually He was a little white-haired Jewish lady. But therein lies the tale. As a twelve-year-old I scorned the ritual of becoming a man. The religious part of it, I mean, which included meeting each Thursday with the assistant rabbi to study my Haftarah portion, the verses from the Prophets that I would chant at my Bar Mitzvah….
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Poetry Issue #18


By Wendy Willis

I can barely keep up with the news,

noting the notations, annotating the annotations,

calling roll for the last reluctant mammals.

Even the Hammond B will be held

to account in the tally of usefulness.
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #18

Garbage Heap Wonderland

By Gretchen Comcowich

We pass the last neighborhood before the forest begins. We walk beyond the houses where mountain-hardened residents are tucked away. As we crunch through old snow, the barking dogs and sounds of ATVs fade….
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Art Issue #18

“Birthplace” by Antonio Puri, 144″x288″ Mixed Media on Canvas, 2012-2014   Featured Artist Antonio Puri Chandigarh Series Mixed Media on Canvas                                       Artist statement: My expression of the self continuously evolves in an effort to challenge perceptions […]