Fiction Issue #51

Alfred’s Feast

By Chuck Radke


Eventually, Alfred said, they all stopped coming, even the son, who was nearing seventy himself and had the dull wife with asthma. At the other end of the building, in the library, preparations were underway. The ladies from the Purple Hat Guild always did such a nice job…
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #51

The Long Middle

By Joumana Altallal


I jokingly admit to my friend Yasin, over coffee at a bookstore downtown, that all I really want is to write a good Muslim rom-com. Inevitably, we begin the conversation with The Big Sick. And then a single question: “Have you ever been in love?” I’m nervous to answer…
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Poetry Issue #51

To Drink

By Tomas Nieto


The raft of my two hands/
slide together, knuckle to knuckle,/
buckling. The cool water collects/
in the center. I lift this small sea…
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