Art Issue #58

Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #58

Devonia Street We walk toward the bend in the road. It is mid-summer, warm—the heat is receding, rolling back slowly like a tide. The light is amber, the sun nearly gone. The cicadas whine from the shade of a lone oak in the hayfield across the street. In my memory, my grandfather shuffles along with […]


Fiction Issue #58

Golden Boys Two years ago, when Wei Seng told me that he was getting married in Melbourne, I had shrunk to the size of a mouse. He said, “We’re signing the marriage papers at the registry office and I’m back in the office the next day. There’s no reason for you to fly eight hours […]


Poetry Issue #58

The Penitent Kneels in Rubble What he couldn’t say: That he’d been swallowed whole and couldn’t see a way out. That faith is a useless weapon against falling sky. The weight of heaven, too great. That he could see himself fading, was almost invisible in the mirror of Room 214 of the Grantmoor Motor Lodge. […]