Art Issue #59


Fiction Issue #59

Hannie’s House   Victoria So I get a call from the neighbor next door to mom—I don’t recognize her name or know for that matter how she got mine because I haven’t been able to bring myself to visit mom’s house since the last time we argued and that was so long ago—and she says […]

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #59

The Memory Unit Aunt Jo lives in the memory unit of a retirement home outside of Knoxville. It’s new, spacious, with a little café that sells snacks, a cafeteria with menus like a restaurant, and polished hardwood floors. It’s clean, smells good, and is associated with a church next door, where residents can go to […]


Poetry Issue #59

The Best in the Midwest There’s a town in Indiana called Liminality. I’ve never been. Liminality is the name above the bank, the name crowning the post office. The school, the police station, the church. The diner, famous for its hash browns, The Best in the Midwest! Letters arrive in Liminality from elsewhere and disappear. They […]