Both surprising and inevitable

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Sarah Marty-Schlipf


Our nonfiction editor, Brett Sigurdson, recently spoke with Sarah Marty-Schlipf, author of Issue #6’s “Shelter”. Here’s what she had to say about the ending to her essay, her writing process, and her teaching and workshop experiences….Read more


Breaking free of “flatland”

Cynthia Close interviews
Jessica Nissen


Our art editor, Cynthia Close, recently spoke with Jessica Nissen, Issue #6’s featured artist. Here’s what she had to say about her artistic development, influences on her art, and how she supports herself as an artist…
Read more


Odd conceits and ornate constructions

Robin Lauzon Parker interviews
Hubert Vigilla


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon Parker, recently spoke with Hubert Vigilla, author of Issue #6’s “The Goddamned Caped Canaveral.” Here’s what he had to say about finding inspiration, making his own enthusiasm come through on the page, and how he came to write about a motorcycle daredevil…Read more


Fiction Issue #6

The Goddamn Caped Canaveral

by Hubert Vigilla

Dylan Cape emerged from the marquee tent to Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra.” The horns blared and the timpani thundered like daybreak and creation. Through the shimmering, rising heat Dylan surveyed the crowd gathered along the security barricades. Ten thousand strong, he was told, and all eyes on him…Read more


Poetry Issue #6

Waffle House, West Fillmore, April 2006

by Brock Jones

He says it’s his turn to pay

so I wait by the door

on the far side of a mid-morning

crowd of diners waiting for seats.

Music trickles from ceiling speakers

barely heard over voices and coffee spoons.

A bald cook taps the grill with a spatula

and wipes his neck.

A couple holds hands

across a table.

Markose, who kills himself in four months,

passes bills over a counter…Read more

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #6


by Sarah Marty-Schlipf

On that warm June afternoon when I first laid eyes on Bently, I’d been on my way to teach a writing class at the county jail. I knew our local no-kill shelter taught inmates at the nearby federal prison to train dogs. Because I was early for work, I stopped in to see the place I’d heard so much about…Read more


Art Issue #6

All In Our Head Mixed-media on paper series Jessica Nissen                                 Artist Statement The collectively titled “All In Our Head” drawings from this series are Rorschach-inspired and, much like a nonverbal version of Rorschach’s diagnostic system, I have the blots […]