Fiction Issue #61

did it hurt when you fell one          He stands on top of the diving board but never makes the leap. Other swimmers crowd forward, a bouquet of monochrome spandex scalps. He pays no attention to them. His eyes lift toward the moldy ceiling beams and dusty floodlights, a contented smile wreathing […]

Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #61

Snake Bits I’m alone in the passenger seat of a parked car when I see a huge black serpent with a cobra-like head hovering above my side window. Horrified, I stare at its cold green eyes, vacant and unblinking. I’m wondering whether I should just hold very still or fish around for the keys to […]


Poetry Issue #61

Breathing America Brown Dad flooded the house with English;  it swept through the open front and back doors  and trickled in through drafty windowsills.  He stored it in the cabinets and refrigerator  to pour out in the face of want. Sentences were broken: no English, no eat.   Brown Dad understood a human body, like […]


Art Issue #61