Art Issue #62

Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #62

THE PENGUIN PROBLEM She looked like a stick-figure dog, the kind I drew as a child, with a downward-pointed triangle for a snout and two upward-pointed triangle ears. Her seated body, huddled and alert, formed a larger triangle, shaking and pathetic—exactly the kind of pathetic I wanted. The little black-and-white dog was supposed to be […]


Fiction Issue #62

Looking for Jimmy When I stuck the picture to the edge of the mirror, Maggie called me weird, which isn’t anything new, really. Seriously, B, that’s fucking morbid. I didn’t tell her what it was, its place in history, or that I’d found it in one those old glossy magazines in the basement that she […]


Poetry Issue #62

March Spring wets us with longing.Pale bloom, green fuzz. Mossgrowing in the cracks betweeneverything. Wearing the rainon our faces. This, right now,is the best part: the opening.Thin spray of pink light,I’m opening with you.I’m dew and I’m honey on breadand I’m singing along to the wordsI remember and humming thoseI long ago forgot. Nobody grievesthe […]