Fiction Issue #64

Four Paintings Jane could not stop thinking about her daughter’s painting. In the center of the canvas sat a large dog, a good likeness of their Golden Retriever Buster, except this dog’s coat was powder blue. Beside him on an unmade bed knelt a young girl wearing a hunter green jumper and red high-top sneakers, […]

Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #64

It’s Time to Close the Book on My Mother Writing a memoir helped me understand her critical, controlling ways. But now I need my life back. Two hours before she dies, my mother lifts her head and tries to speak but can’t form words. She falls back on her pillow, panting. It stuns me into […]


Art Issue #64


Poetry Issue #64

Sonia This is a poem about enlightenment. No, I lied. It’s probably just a poem about Sonia the concierge, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Sonia is a mystery to me. One day I noticed she was wearing a silver necklace with a Sanskrit symbol on it. There were two swirled, rolling letters. Maybe OM. So Sonia does yoga, I thought, […]