Art Issue #65


Poetry Issue #65

last payphone in times square she came up to my eye. i asked to borrow a pen. people attend the removal of the last payphone in times square.  i wrote her number in a note- book stained into lines. a power saw is used for the phone. eulogies are said. first time i called set […]


Fiction Issue #65

Field There was a girl who loved to play in a field. Every day after school, she would go to it and hide herself in the long waving grasses. The girl didn’t need any playmates, not when the grass welcomed her with each rustle and the wind soothed her with each murmur. She talked to […]

Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #65

Solution Phase Every Saturday morning, I take the last Lexapro in my blue pill organizer and then dutifully refill it. 10 mg a day. Them’s the ones that keep you from screamin’, my husband likes to joke in a gravelly voice. Screaming has never been one of my symptoms, but he’s not exactly wrong either. […]