Creative Nonfiction

Nonfiction Issue #66

Holy Water Midnight in Moorea, French Polynesia, and my daughters and I sprawl on the wide weathered planks of the dock beneath our room, the sky studded with stars, the ocean at rest, held together by the saturated black of the night. It is almost as quiet as it is underwater. Blacktip reef sharks frequent […]


Poetry Issue #66

Rhapsody of Icarus where Daedalus is an Orchardman He believed in miracles. He buried a mustard seed in the earth,& watered it every morning & night. For days. & months. &years. & from every seed, there wasa tree. Then, a grove. Then, gravity pulled fruits off their branches. Then, his son, off the branch of a healthy oak tree. The […]


Fiction Issue #66

Final Communion A biplane tails a shimmering string of text: The world is ending. Another, I hear, in Montana creates a font of clouds. Someone reported they added finally, but the letters dissolved before it could be confirmed. And I don’t believe it. That’s just what we’re all thinking. Finally. Finally, it’s over. In Michigan, […]


Art Issue #66