Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction #70

A Touch of Dim Sum Eating dim sum is an emotional roller coaster—the excitement and exhilaration you get from creative dishes and intense flavors. The servers reveal each dish hidden inside their bamboo steamer in their cart like how Wheel of Fortune hostesses reveal each letter on their puzzle board. You never know what’s inside. […]


Fiction Issue #70

The Magician’s Doll  When he was thirty-six, the magician took a wife—a plain and plump and doughy thing, because no one could possibly accuse him of being vain. On their wedding day, he made the water jump in heart-shaped arcs, and the flowers grow in gold, and even took credit for the brightness of the […]


Poetry Issue #70

Orphaned i. I searched for your yellow bodies, your cup-shaped nest in which you tried to raise your babies – four, now scattered in the grass. A fifth, nearby, on the sidewalk; its body melting into the concrete. ii. You were new parents. Maybe not first-timers, but these chicks – not even two weeks old: […]


Art Issue #70