Art Issue #72

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #72

Inconceivable   In Kansas City, Missouri, where I grew up, tornadoes are an uncomfortable fact of life. At least once every spring the sirens went off and we’d look up, like plucky wartime Britons scanning the sky for incoming Stukas. You’d think about what cover was available, where the nearest basement or ditch was. It […]


Fiction Issue #72

The Woman in the Novel She knows it’s her. The hair color might have changed, a few mannerisms subtracted and added, but it’s her. He wrote her. He was her guest, and he wrote her. She feels violated. She tells people this. I feel violated. Some are sympathetic. Others pretend it. Only her husband actually […]


Poetry Issue #72

Ode to Avocado  My dear alligator pear, you fickle berry fruit. To bow to your every whim is pure devotion. Neither Dionysus nor Pomona could cherish your unpretentious grassy undertones so. When I peel your pebbled skin, green petals curl at my feet, and I exhume paper-husk flakes encasing the seed where carotenoids dwell. I […]