In search of detail

Robin Lauzon interviews
Amanda Pauley


Our fiction editor, Robin Lauzon, recently spoke with Amanda Pauley, author of Issue #8’s “Butchering.” Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration behind her story, her approach to research when writing fiction, and how she’s learned not to let ambition get in the way…
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Collapsing the distance

Rebecca Starks interviews
Josh Booton


Our editor-in-chief, Rebecca Starks, recently spoke with Josh Booton, our Issue #8 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about his development as a poet, the scope of his poetry, and his quest for intimacy in his reading and writing…Read more


Fiction Issue #8


by Amanda Pauley

Mom is as stunned as a hog after the first bullet when I tell her that Ray won’t be over until after Thanksgiving dinner. I say it to her in between the scraping sounds she makes sharpening her knife. She doesn’t put down knife number five but turns around with it in her hand to stare at my large belly I’ve draped a pink cotton babydoll blouse over…
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #8

Like Happy Birthday But Not Really

by Edmund Sandoval

This year your birthday falls in the weeks between the day when she calls you at work to tell you between sobs that they found something in her brain and the day she meets with the neurosurgeon for the final diagnosis. They is a radiologist whose name we never learn but who, after looking at the MRI scan of her brain, says there’s a lesion right in the middle of it. In the Turkish Chair…
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Art Issue #8

Featured Artist Gouache on Archival Wood Panel   Nissa Kauppila                                    


Poetry Issue #8

From Tectonics

by Josh Booton

to chart each chasm           volley the soft rock

down how down                 somewhere inside

      besides which side

                                          are you on

the rocks colliding

      a slow commotion               as they fall & all
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