Natural Juxtapositions

Aurora Nowak interviews
Kelly Weber


Poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak recently had this exchange with Issue #45 featured poet Kelly Weber. Here’s what Kelly had to say about finding inspiration in the natural world, how substructure informs subject, the important of mentors, and more… 
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Fiction Issue #45

Girl Country

By Jacqueline Vogtman


The farmer was driving a deserted county road in the early darkness of fall when he found the girl. He was on the way home from burying his wife. His brother sat in the passenger seat, and it was he who spotted the girl first: a shape moving on the side of the road…
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Poetry Issue #45

Where it Hunts

By Kelly Weber


On a day still half-winter, I hike a trail through the short grass prairie on the edge of town named for / a woman who willed that it be preserved. Meadowlarks whistle yellow holes in the air from the posts / rising out of the ground. Ripples circle outward from the mallards floating in the shallow pools…
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