Issue #71

December 20th, 2023

Featured Artwork by Lee Willett

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Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Issue #71 of Mud Season Review. Winter has arrived here on the East Coast of the United States, and as the temperature fluctuates, rain transforming into snow, we’re awaiting the beauty of a new season. Let Issue #71 be a reminder of both summer and winter, hot and cold, a litmus test of emotion & reason.

In this issue, the haunting poetry selections by T.W. Sia are breathtaking. They must not be missed, as these memories have been carried across oceans and space, a juxtaposition of language and the body. Sia writes, “My mother believes in things I know will never be. She still / has dreams she would die for. She does not know any better.”

“Wild” by DS Levy is our fiction selection, and it kept us wanting more. On the opening page, one of the character remarks, “‘It means it ain’t gonna kill her to come see me. Hit me another splash of that tequila, please.’” From that point on, the story begins a journey that mustn’t be missed.

Finally, our nonfiction selection is “The Best Bad Girl” by Jill Quist. A coming-of-age story that’s vibrant and filled with life, it, too, is a wild ride all the way until the end. In the opening paragraph, Quist drops us write into the thick of things: ” was a breathless 15-year-old, smitten with high school drama and risk taking, relentless in my nocturnal weekend prowls for adventure and romance, my only ambition to become the best bad girl, ready with a fistful of lies to fend off my mother’s interrogations about where I was going and when I’d be home.”

Come and savor these stories with us, bask in their beauty. You’ll be just as amazed as we are.

In gratitude,
Suzanne & Ashley