Issue #48

February 20th, 2020

Featured Artwork by John Chang

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"Celestial" by Julia Muench, fiber art, 50x74 in., 2019 Poetry Issue #48
By Karthik Sethuraman
The Vintage Dress Fiction Issue #48
By Prisha Mehta
William and George Creative Nonfiction Issue #48
By Joanna Greenberg

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Issue #48 of Mud Season Review! We are so excited to have the opportunity to publish work from such a talented group of authors and artists – and we’re looking forward to getting to know each of them more throughout the next two months in a series of interviews with our editors. Check back on our website and watch for the posts on social media.

Our featured nonfiction author, Joanna Greenberg, takes us through a relationship from its hopeful beginnings to its demise and aftermath. Her writing – at once direct and full of emotion – invites readers into the moments of revelation that define a life in flux.

Prisha Mehta is a hugely talented young writer from New Jersey. Her fiction piece, “Coming Home,” is a compact meditation on a life not yet lived. At its heart is a tension between what’s possible – the dreams we have – and the societal constraints that hem us in, that hurt us and hold us back. What if we could hold onto what’s possible just a little bit longer?

Issue #48’s featured poet, Karthik Sethuraman, explores the depths of language in pieces that “strike a nice balance” between compelling narrative and memorable imagery, says poetry co-editor Kelsi Long. His work encompasses big questions related to the bonds that pull us together, each line rooted in the finest of details.

We are honored to feature the artwork of John Chang. Born in Shanghai, China, and now living in southern California, his “Snorkel Blue” series conjures the precision of Chinese calligraphy alongside the chaos of graffiti art. In this collision of styles there’s an interesting conversation about identity and culture, about how meaning can be conveyed and interpreted.

Thanks for reading Mud Season!

Erin Post, managing editor