Issue #69

August 20th, 2023

Featured Artwork by JC Alfier

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Poetry, Issue #69
By Briana "Bri" Craig
Fiction, Issue #69
By Catherine Parnell
Nonfiction, Issue #69
By Michelle Spokes

Letter from the Editors

Fall is quickly approaching, marking another change in the seasons. As the world around us constantly changes, those parts of us and our environments that stay the same we end up cherishing. Whether a fleeting memory or an object, these are reminders of the world as it is, but also how it could be. The pieces within Issue #69 are indicative of the past, future, and present.

Featured fiction writer Catherine Parnell writes this in “Sisters of the Sacred Well”: “We are not in the habit of deluding ourselves, no matter how boosted it might make us feel. That Colin’s mind goes as the pandemic, a surge here, a drop there, is not lost on us.” A story set within a pandemic, the characters must grapple with taking caring of one of their own falling ill and the care that comes with such an event happening.

Bri Craig, our featured poet for the issue, starts off on a note that resonates through their five poems: “If I’m being honest with myself—which I rarely am these days.” Craig’s voice is vibrant and youthful throughout each of the poems, equally critiquing and devoted to getting to the root of these issues. As the world continues to change, this is an intimate look at one’s voice in such a time.

Finally, Michelle Spokes’ “New Girlfriend” says the following: “Our time alone is borrowed, as it will always be.” A colorful, luscious story of a relationship’s rise and fall, this piece is not to be missed in Issue 69. It is a reminder that we find refuge in each other, intimacy in the small moments and conversations, but sometimes they’re not always meant to last.

In each of these stories, there are threads of grief contained within. But do not forget—there is beauty in sadness and what is lost, and lessons to be learned.

May this season be full of peace for you all.

Ashley & Suzanne