MSR Print Volume 2

Mud Season Review is excited to announce the release of its second annual print issue.



Robin McLean (fiction) │ The True End to All Sad Times

Aimee Nezhukumatathil (poetry) │ Three Poems

Sean Prentiss  (nonfiction) │ Excerpt from: Finding Abbey: The Search for Edward Abbey and his Hidden Grave

Jennifer Sinor (nonfiction) │ Excerpt from: A Fathoming: Entries on Ordinary Trauma



Baker Lawley │ Fenced

Ryan Row │ Light in a Jar

Evan D. Williams & Meredith C. Bullock │ An Unknown Place



Craig Reinbold │ An Appliance Brain’s Hard Times Blues

Melissa Wiley │ Healing Waters



Sarah Bloom │ The Mare Complains of Pastures

Jesse Breite │ White Oak & Thunder Hymn | Old Boggs

Ralph Culver │ Zoar | Camping Alone

Edward Derby │ Rower’s Aubade

Renee EmersonToo Old for a Husband

Michael FaherThe Landscape Photographer | Fingerprints

Lisa Beech HartzThe Pilgrim Van Gogh, 1879 | Child Playing: Annette in Front of the Rail-Backed Chair, Edouard Vuillard, 1897

Mike James │ Late Rothko

Clyde Kessler │ The Bus for Fielding’s Hill

Gopikrishnan Kottoor │ Garden Snail

Len Krisak │ Discovery

Lori Lamothe │ Dragon | Conservatory

Michael Lauchlan │ Somewhere on the Thruway

Darby Lyons │ Bending Willow Drive

David Ishaya Osu │ Two Parts

Ray Nayler │ August, Ashgabat

Angelique Palmer │ Horticulture | Spinster

Simon Perchik │ 2 Poems

Sean Prentiss │ Beard | Heartwood | A Morning Blessing

Alison Prine │ Emigrant │ Going in

Amy Sawyer │ Motherland

Yvonne Zipter │ Sleep Work

Mary Warner │ Pole Beans



Deborah Barlow │ Marae 2 | Unette

Suzanne Benton │ The Silver Sleep | Angel on the Head of a Pin | Alive in Art (34)

Janet Fredericks │ A Winged Life | A Winged Life II

Sonja Hinrichsen  (cover) │ The Three Gorges – 3rd Edition

Sally Linder │ Breached | Taking Control | Symbiotic

Riki Moss │ Scholar and Big Mouth | Splitfoot Goat | Beak Communication

Carol Wisker │ Oracle of Willindorf | Space Doll | Marilyn