Poetry Issue #29

Some New Ways of Making Love

By Tyler Friend

You, holding a corpse pose.

Me, carefully eating a peach,

but cracking a tooth on the pit

anyway. You, riding a bicycle…
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*Image: “Laid Bare” by Monica Stewart, approx. 60” x 48” Oil on canvas, 2012


Tyler Friend

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Some New Ways of Making Love


You, holding a corpse pose.
Me, carefully eating a peach,

but cracking a tooth on the pit
anyway. You, riding a bicycle

around midnight. You, not
wearing your glasses. You,

saying, Fuck the Police. Me,
saying, Fuck the Patriarchy.

Me, driving with the windows
down and the heat cranked

up. You, unhurriedly undressing
before a bath. You, hanging

your bras out to dry. You, looking
just the way you look.


"Adoration of a Peach Pit" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 36” x 72” 2011
“Adoration of a Peach Pit” by Monica Stewart, approx. 36” x 72” Oil on canvas, 2011


On a Honeyed Moon


The pan | or | ama: a crea | my cottage, nesting between honeysuckle and beebalm: | aromatic (not aromantic): a romantic land | scape, rosy. Brick floors atop small-town soil | unsoiled | and antique windows: sepia, a seeping glow, sneaking around ivy. Alabaster bedding and raspberry | rusting: serene, serendipito | us. O | pen shutters and unlocked doors, love shudders. Macro: softening already s | oft folds: a botanical belly, borderless. Thick thighs and growing fo | rests: mountaino | us and contrapposto, mar | bled, mirrored in crying eyes. Low light | push-processed. Cat | hedrals, caverno | us yawns, braids, and high- | waist shorts, film canister | s in breast pockets. Mode | led, molded: cut legs (igno | red, kissed) and thigh-highs. Becoming a candle, crad | led, red, and lit. Weeded and wined (wound) ((round)), out of focus. Developing | in darkened dorm room close | ts (pretty gay). Fair | y-pink flower hats, held | to | get | her with bobby pins, paired (syr | uped, peared), for | aged from the yard. Wine-fil | led teacups floating in the bathtub, songs about crying in grocery stores, slo | wed, steeping dark choco | late heart rot, budding: harmonio | us. Trans | lucent. Lavender and apricot pit nectar. | Plum panning, morning glory | sighs sugaring me.


"Beatitude (Raisin)" by Monica Stewart, oil on canvas, approx. 18” x 30 ” 2011
“Beatitude (Raisin)” by Monica Stewart, approx. 18” x 30” Oil on canvas, 2011


Some New Ways of Making Love II


You, giving me
your old bras. Me,

sticking my nose between
your breasts when it’s cold. You,

peeling an apple in one long spiral. You,
looking up at the moon and getting all turned

on. Me, making the Vulcan salute and you
putting your tongue between my fingers.

You, floating on a jalapeño
in a pool of cheese dip.

Me, rolling you up
like a burrito.

By Tyler Friend

Tyler Friend is the name of a genderqueer apricot enthusiast from Tennessee. Their chapbook Ampersonate is available from Choose the Sword Press, and his poems have recently appeared or will soon appear in Tin House, Love’s Executive Order, and others. She is currently pursuing an MFA in the inaugural class of VCFA’s Writing & Publishing program where she is focusing on poetry and choosing a preferred pronoun.