Art Issue #42

Jenny Reddin

Mixed Media on Canvas

Jenny’s works allow the viewer to draw their own interpretation, to create their own relationship with the work. She achieves adelicate transience in the work that suggests fragility of life. They are often reminiscent of aerial landscapes and of nature magnified to reveal structure and life force.

Because she uses largely translucent pigments in highly mobile solutions, her works glow as if lit from within.  They bear witness to the almost ritualistic dance that she performes to deliver the pigment to the support as they shift across the carefully prepared surface to stain it or to settle in mirror perfect pools of colour.

Her recent series titled “The Very Stupid Man” references a story that she wrote several years ago for inspiration.  The story tells the tale of the ignorance and stupidity of early humankind compared to today’s clever people.  The kick in the story is that when men were stupid and lacking technology, the earth was pristine and rich with nature’s diversity. It seems that we have become amazingly clever but at the expense of the earth.

Jenny exhibits regularly in Australia and she has successfully exhibited both in the USA and Hong Kong. 

By Jenny Reddin

Jenny Reddin is an award winning Australian artist who is held in collections in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. She describes herself as a poured paint artist who uses gravity and chance as her paint brushes. Her works are often reminiscent of aerial photography of geographical features. This series employs a Rorschach technique to give her a symmetrical image that references skulls and fossils of prehistoric man.