Issue #40

October 20th, 2018

Featured Artwork by Justin Hamm

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"The Executive Meeting" by Julia Justo, mixed media (vintage photograph, thread), 2018, 16x20 in. Poetry Issue #40
By Naomie Jean-Pierre
Kohrs_Lift Fiction Issue #40
By Joe Baumann
JOV NEW Creative Nonfiction Issue #40
By Melissa Goodnight

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Issue #40 of Mud Season Review! We are excited to bring you stories, art and poetry that spoke to us in different ways.

Fiction author Joe Baumann’s haunting piece, “Vernix,” carries a subtle tone of magical realism as its characters struggle with identity and isolation. His story asks readers to ponder the forces that shape our lives and the power we have to find connection and purpose.

Poet Naomie Jean-Pierre addresses power and powerlessness from a different angle: That of a woman making her way in a world that has its own designs on her body and her ambitions. As our staff mentor Julia Shipley and poetry co-editor Candelin Wahl said in their response to Naomie: “We were struck by how you’ve taken the material of your life, along with your anger, and forged them into an honest portrait of what so many women experience on a daily basis. You’ve crafted a brave commentary on the modern moment, yet your unique voice and inventive language should make these poems timeless.”

Melissa Goodnight’s essay, “Doll,” is at once honest and heart wrenching. Her voice conveys multitudes – humor, deep pain, solace, doubt – as she skillfully brings readers with her and her husband through their experience of birth and loss. She leaves us with an enduring understanding of the powerful bonds that shape a family.

Our featured artist, Justin Hamm, takes us on a photographic journey of places found on backroads throughout the Midwest. What may pass unnoticed is, through his lens, transformed into works of art that stand the test of time.

Hope you enjoy this issue of Mud Season Review.