fallible images of ourselves

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Megan Bush


Our nonfiction co-editor, Brett Sigurdson, recently had this exchange with Megan Bush, our Issue #14 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about the influence of her Alaskan setting on her writing, her interest in identity and memory, and the memoir she is working on now… Read more


a personal vision trumps technology

Cynthia Close interviews
Harry Wilson


Our art co-editor, Cynthia Close, recently had this exchange with Harry Wilson, Issue #14’s featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about his life as a photographer, his relationship to technology, and the importance of freedom of expression… Read more


inner sanctuaries of blue collar life

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Karen Weyant


Our poetry co-editor, Chris LaMay-West, recently had this exchange with Karen Weyant, our Issue #14 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about her self-definition as a poet, from working-class to rural Rust Belt, and about the role of nature and salvation in her current work. Read more


Art Issue #14

Featured Artist Photography   Harry Wilson                             Artist Statement Most of my photographs deal with the travel experience and my response to place. It’s history, culture, politics, art and design. I think for the artist, there is often, no preferred subject matter. […]

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #14

Knit to Feelings

By Megan Bush

Tell me about yourself, humans ask. We query friends, family, lovers; in supermarket parking lots, at dinner tables, in bars, in bedrooms. Over time, the answers become threads woven into cloth. The stories wrap us together, like children pressed against their mothers’ chests, like naked lovers held between one set of sheets…
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Fiction Issue #14

We Have Commandeered Our Bodies to Science

By Jacob Guajardo

We are confined to a room day and night while the doctor runs tests, while we run out of stories to tell each other. We do not remember arriving. We remember only our lives before and not this room. Today the doctor hammers a bottle of lotion against his palm until it hisses, then gives up….
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Poetry Issue #14

The Summer of Manmade Miracles

By Karen J. Weyant

I dumped grapejuice into Gallagher Run,

hoping the muddy swirls would turn into wine,

and pretended the stale Angel Food cake

old Mrs. Rogers threw to the birds was really

manna from heaven. Evenings, I decided…
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