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Katie Stromme interviews
Andrew Maynard


Our nonfiction co-editor Katie Stromme recently had this exchange with Andrew Maynard, our Issue #24 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his serendipitous start to writing nonfiction, his typical work habits, and the genesis of his essay “Reservation”… Read more


casting about your past to see what’s there

Natasha Mieszkowski interviews
Brent Fisk


Our fiction co-editor Natasha Mieszkowski recently had this exchange with Brent Fisk, our Issue #24 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about exploring human complexity in his story “Victory Garden,” his approach to writing and revising, and the authors who have moved and inspired him…. Read more


constantly hearing a voiceless spirit

Erin Post interviews
John Manuel Arias


Our poetry co-editor Erin Post recently had this exchange with John Manuel Arias, our Issue #24 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about his process of writing to music, his use of research in conceiving and crafting poems, and the role poetry plays in connecting us to our feelings…. Read more

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #24


By Andrew Maynard

I’ve seen tumbleweed before, but never this massive. They look like clumps of wicker, like loosely bundled strands of barbwire, somersaulting viciously across the asphalt and shrinking into the shrub-covered desert. “Goddamn,” my father says, squinting out the passenger window of my truck. “They’re not even this big in Westerns….”
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Poetry Issue #24


By John Manuel Arias

tonight she feltches battery acid into his missing eyes

he wriggles like a baby bird

mid orgasm and blurts out I’ve just made love

to a shotgun because she’s

sawed off at the waist

he’s a magician

he’s the one who’s done this to her…
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Fiction Issue #24

Victory Garden

By Brent Fisk

When I’m working in the garden in the heat of August, ripping out the plants that failed to thrive, I think of my grandmother under her straw hat, her small trowel in her hand and a red bandana knotted at her throat. She was partial to shade-lovers—hostas, creeping Jenny, and coral bells…
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Art Issue #24

Featured Artist

Lukman Ahmad

Most of Lukman Ahmad’s works are related to the Kurdish legacy, which is enriched with popular stories and epics. Being a member of one of the largest stateless nations in the world, Lukman continuously tries to use render people’s rich heritage into brush strokes…
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