driven by coincidences

Mike Sweeney interviews
Ole Brodersen


Our art co-editor Mike Sweeney recently had this exchange with Ole Brodersen, our Issue #25 featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about the inspiration for his series Trespassing, his connection to southern Norway, and the small variations that occur over time within an environment…Read more


what I can’t see but still know is there

Louisa Wakefield interviews
Rebecca Fremo


Our nonfiction co-editor Louisa Wakefield recently had this exchange with Rebecca Fremo, our Issue #25 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about exploring the complexities of human behavior, writing about people you know, and allowing an essay to become what it wants to be…. Read more


poetry is everywhere

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Triin Paja


Our poetry co-editor Chris LaMay-West recently had this exchange with Triin Paja, our Issue #25 featured poet. Here’s what she had to say about falling in love with literature, the importance of attentiveness, and the different perspectives gained from being bilingual…. Read more


cracking open and rewriting reality

Patrick Brownson interviews
Amanda Rodriguez


Our fiction co-editor Patrick Brownson recently had this exchange with Amanda Rodriguez, our Issue #25 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her love of speculative fiction, her development as a writer, and the inspiration for her story “The Tall House.”… Read more


Poetry Issue #25

The Lovers

By Triin Paja

when we go to a garden of rusted bathtubs

my body bends towards you

like a field of sunflowers, my face mantled

in the gauze of your hands…
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Fiction Issue #25

The Tall House

By Amanda Rodriguez

All the unmarried women in town lived in the Tall House. We called it that because the house rested high up on long stilts. There was never any danger of flooding, though….
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #25

Bring Out Your Dead

By Rebecca Fremo

He repeats the lessons from yesterday: “Only aim at the target. Never touch the trigger til you’re ready to shoot the target. Never point it at people or up in the air. Animals could get hurt.” …
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Art Issue #25


By Ole Brodersen

The forces of nature are natural phenomena always present in a landscape, beyond human control. Ole Brodersen’s work is dedicated to unveiling this presence by exploring encounters between manmade objects and untouched nature….
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