actors in each other’s stories

Mindy Wong interviews
Naomi Ulsted


Our nonfiction coeditor Mindy Wong recently had this exchange with Naomi Ulsted, our Issue #32 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her writing process, her experiences participating in a workshop, and her efforts to stay true to memory… Read more


the magic of ordinary existence

Grier Martin interviews
Jonathan Louis Duckworth


Our poetry editor Grier Martin recently had this exchange with Jonathan Louis Duckworth, our Issue #32 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about his inspirations, his experiences in writing workshops, and his development as a writer… Read more


Poetry Issue #32


By Jonathan Louis Duckworth

How soothing to picture

my grandfather planted like a seed

in the crust

of the other continent

we call the older one…
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Fiction Issue #32

The First Task of Letting Go

By Christine Linn

I. Corporeality of action. The first task of letting go: righting bodies. If I found you, I would lift your one hundred and forty-two pounds of gangle easily. I would lift those one hundred and forty-two pounds of boy-smell t-shirts…
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #32


By Naomi Ulsted

I was watching television when my dad barreled into the living room in his boxers. He twisted and shimmied and slapped wildly at himself, his hands clapping sharply against his pale skin. My mother was at Grandma’s house…
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Art Issue #32


By William C. Crawford

William C. Crawford’s work follows the techniques of forensic foraging photography, which focuses on returning to basics like framing, lighting, coloration, saturation, contrast, etc. and avoiding computer-based or technological manipulation of the images. There is also a preference for taking photographs of “mundane” or “trivial” scenes and objects…
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