Poetry Issue #67

my lover is left-handed I read poems about death & think of my lover. Susan Browne wrote, “2500 left-handed people are killed annually from using right-handed products.”(1) My lover is left-handed. He could be one of them. The man already wears a CPAP, chokes nuggets of pills for diabetes at 38. Where’s the fairness in […]


Fiction Issue #67

Final Molt Andy boils the cocoons and unravels the silk because he doesn’t feel bad about killing the pupa. “It’s not even a real bug at that point—the body is basically deconstructed, a chunky organ soup,” he says. I’m not convinced this means silkworms are immune to pain since organ soup doesn’t mean the worm has […]

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #67

Meet the Flintstones Our Cape Breton neighbourhood housed a middle school within walking distance of Cottage Road, and I use the term “walking distance,” loosely. It didn’t matter that we spent most of our lunch break walking in one direction or the other. It didn’t matter if it rained or snowed. What mattered was that […]