Issue #41

December 20th, 2018

Featured Artwork by Malaika Favorite

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"Man Mood," by Richard Vyse, watercolor, 2018, 6 1/2x8 in. Poetry Issue #41
By Arjun Parikh
Expired Eclipse Fiction Issue #41
By Nathan Alling Long

Letter from the Editors

In Issue #41 of Mud Season Review, we are proud to feature a slate of authors and artists from across the United States. Louisiana-native Malaika Favorite weaves a dense tapestry of stories into her mixed media art. Her “Down on the Farm” series invites the viewer into the details of each piece, asking us to linger and absorb, going on a journey with her through past and present.

Nathan Alling Long’s short story, “The Last Sympathy,” captivated our fiction team from its first sentences. Said Julia Shipley, our faculty mentor: “I definitely fell under the spell of this story and the authentic struggle, reckoning, and sense-making the character Sanus endeavors to manifest in these beautiful sentences.” Long, a resident of Philadelphia, asks the reader to contemplate the complexity of human relationships: How do we truly come to know and understand each other? What happens if that bond falls apart?

For poetry, we feature three poems from Arjun Parikh, who resides in Palo Alto, California. Said poetry associate editor Kelsi Long: “I Will Bring the Whiskey” floored me – what a tightly-crafted poem, rife with tension and striking, haunting imagery. Overall a very sharp, clear-eyed poetic voice here.” Parikh’s experiments with form bring tension to his work and push the boundaries of language.

“A Country May: 14 Days” from nonfiction author and Iowa resident Chila Woychik digs into the rhythms of rural life. Her flash hybrid essay is rife with poetic language that makes the reader stop to appreciate the beauty and brutality of farming, its rich history and its hardships.

Happy reading!

Erin Post, managing editor