Issue #51

August 20th, 2020

Featured Artwork by Weihui Lu

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Union Beach Poetry Issue #51
By Tomas Nieto
Cake Both Ways Fiction Issue #51
By Chuck Radke
Across the Sky Creative Nonfiction Issue #51
By Joumana Altallal

Letter from the Editors

Issue #51 marks my last issue as managing editor of Mud Season Review. It’s been a wild and enjoyable two-plus years in this role, plus a few additional years as social media manager and another few years as poetry co-editor. I’ve been with the journal since the beginning. I remember how excited I was at the kick-off for Mud Season in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Although I didn’t really know what to expect, when I walked into the room for that first meeting and found myself surrounded by people committed enough to art and literature to start a journal from scratch, it felt like a homecoming. That Mud Season Review is still thriving 51 issues later is a testament to the power of volunteers who contribute to something they believe in, freely giving up their time to bring it into the world. Over the years we’ve had staff members come and go as their lives change, but each and every one one of them has had an impact on the journal. And now, Mud Season Review enters its next incarnation. I am so happy that Elaine Pentaleri and Grier Martin have volunteered to be the next co-editors. They bring energy, enthusiasm and new ideas – all of the things the journal needs to continue to thrive. I look forward to seeing it evolve. Enjoy this Issue #51 of Mud Season Review!