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Mike Sweeney interviews
Ken Hohing


Our art co-editor Mike Sweeney recently had this exchange with Ken Hohing, our Issue #22 featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about the layers of story behind the South Korean photographs, his path to becoming an artist, and the “magic” he looks for in a photograph… Read more


revisiting with a sense of hope

JD Fox interviews
Caitlin Hamilton Summie


Our fiction co-editor JD Fox recently had this exchange with Caitlin Hamilton Summie, our Issue #22 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about her story “Sons,” writing male and female narrators, and how her work has affected her approach to writing… Read more


a punch to your preconceptions

Katie Stromme interviews
Barry Maxwell


Our nonfiction co-editor Katie Stromme recently had this exchange with Barry Maxwell, our Issue #22 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what he had to say about his approach to temporal shifts and the construction of nonfiction characters in his essay; his thoughts on the “high” and “low” art that have influenced him; the effect of stretches of homelessness on his perspective toward life and writing; and his current MFA experience at UT Austin… Read more


density is the primary measure

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Bruce Alford


Our poetry co-editor Chris LaMay-West and editor-in-chief Rebecca Starks recently had this exchange with Bruce Alford, our Issue #22 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about the personal nature of the manuscript he has been working on, his ambivalence toward Romanticism, and the way he uses form… Read more


Art Issue #22

Destructed Memory Series, 2014

By Ken Hohing

Environmental image destruction and its effects on photographs as memory re-enforcers. High Resolution digital scans of 35 mm transparency film taken in Korea in 1975 and “edited” by mold intrusion in 2012 following the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. 20″ X 24″ Di-Coupler prints on aluminum.
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Poetry Issue #22

Romantic Sensibility in Urban Pop Culture and Why it Persists

By Bruce Alford

Everything that is old is new again. Taoism says

Be natural and unconstrained, like flowing water—

perhaps this persistence has something to do with

speed, movement without return; the essential to go

on forever at the end….
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #22

A Song for the Beautifully Useful

By Barry Maxwell

I discovered the clock radio in an out-of-the-way niche of Granny’s living room, wedged on a bookshelf behind a ribboned bundle of last year’s Christmas cards and a stack of miniature New Testaments. It was an early ‘60s model, a minimalist white cube atop a round footing, designed to look space-age and modern, with no place in Granny’s poor-folk country décor….
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Fiction Issue #22


By Caitlin Hamilton Summie

When I was eight, my father woke me in the middle of the night to watch a calf being born. I woke to the rolling, rich sound of his laughter, then boards creaking as he climbed the stairs. Before I could drift back to sleep on my warm, soft feather tick, my door opened. I smelled the cold air on him, a whiff of manure, and sat up in bed…
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Opening Up Without Burdening

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Nancy Wyland


Our nonfiction co-editor Brett Sigurdson recently had this exchange with Nancy Wyland, our Issue #21 featured nonfiction author. Here’s what she had to say about what compelled her to write “Cornucopia,” how she reconciles honesty with consideration in writing about family, and what she took away from her MFA experience… Read more