Discordant souls rubbing up against each other

Brett Sigurdson interviews
Alex Simand


Our nonfiction editor, Brett Sigurdson, had this exchange with Alex Simand, author of Issue #9’s “with light steam.” Here’s what he had to say about his propensity to tackle big questions, the writers who inspire him, and his experience at a low-residency MFA program….Read more


Where the gravity is

Robin Lauzon interviews
Dave Essinger


Our fiction co-editor, Robin Lauzon, recently spoke with Dave Essinger, our Issue #9 featured fiction author. Here’s what he had to say about some of his inspirations, his approach to writing, and what he is working on now… Read more


Wait for the poem

Chris LaMay-West interviews
Bibhu Padhi


Our poetry co-editor, Chris LaMay-West, recently spoke with Bibhu Padhi, our Issue #9 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about his personal struggles, some of his sources of inspiration, and his thoughts on being an Indian poet writing in English. …Read more


Growing out of the surface

Cynthia Close interviews
Val Rossman


Our art editor, Cynthia Close, recently spoke with Val Rossman, Issue #9’s featured artist. Here’s what she had to say about her creative process, influences on her art, and what she hopes to portray in her work.
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Fiction Issue #9

Persistence Hunting

by Dave Essinger

My running shoes have hardened into new shapes since the last time I wore them, and they’re stiff on my feet. The half mile to Andrew’s house loosens them a little, but they don’t stop sliding on my heels. Maybe it’s my feet that have changed, though; maybe my shoes are the same….
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #9

with light steam

by Alex Simand

A few years ago I began frequenting a Russian bathhouse in San Francisco, a city far from my childhood home of Toronto, far from my pot-bellied uncles and drunken cousins, and Russian curse words. The bathhouse is called Archimedes Banya, and it does not market itself as a Russian bathhouse…
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Poetry Issue #9

Turning Forty

by Bibhu Padhi

I imagine a blue deeper than the sky,
despairing the Bay of Bengal’s
depth and nightly activity.

A child’s slim voice rises through
the sea’s midnight slush, echoing from
the distance of the years, and then is lost.

What distance of time comes in between…
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