Issue #42

February 20th, 2019

Featured Artwork by Jenny Reddin

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“Style Central,” by Leah Dockrill, Collage on Canvas, 12x12 in. Poetry Issue #42
By Alexa Doran
Cohen EDITED Fiction Issue #42
By Stanley Delgado

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Issue #42 of Mud Season Review! Our featured fiction author, Stanley Delgado, introduces us to Wendel, a sensitive and observant boy who tries to make sense of the adults in his life while he struggles with the challenges of growing up. We go on a journey with him as he poses big questions to his classmates back home (courtesy of a summer assignment), his wit and quiet charm drawing us in to his world.

“In Memoriam of Rust,” from nonfiction author Alexia Kemerling, is both an ode to the rust belt towns of Ohio and a touching portrait of a man named Mike, who has seen the good and the bad of small-town life in the Midwest. In a style that is both matter-of-fact and keenly aware, Kemerling manages to capture the essence of Mike’s story while respecting his complicated past.

Alexa Doran, our featured poet for Issue #42, takes the persona of Mother Darling of Peter Pan fame in surprising new directions. She explores the contradictions of motherhood through the eyes of a somewhat irreverent character, in tightly crafted lines that ask us to slow down and savor the words.

Our featured artist, Jenny Reddin, works with her chosen medium in unexpected ways. As a poured paint artist, she uses “gravity and chance as her paintbrushes.” The colors and intricate patterns that result tell their own stories of prehistoric past and man’s indelible stamp on earth.

Welcome to Issue #42!

Erin Post, managing editor