Lean more toward tenderness

Katie Stromme interviews
Alexander Barbolish


Our nonfiction co-editor, Katie Stromme, had this exchange with Alexander Barbolish, author of Issue #13’s “Whacking a Doe.” He shared his reflections on the scope of his essays, on writers who have influenced him, and on how his writing has been influenced by his study of history… Read more


this incessant jostling, this intermingling, this anonymity that moves me toward taking risks

Cynthia Close interviews
Robert Zurer


Our art editor, Cynthia Close, recently had this exchange with Robert Zurer, Issue #13’s featured artist. Here’s what he had to say about influences on his development as an artist; what he admires in other artists; and the fun of decoding his own work… Read more


wildly colored amalgam of what was & is

Robin Parker interviews
Sandra Hunter


Our fiction co-editor, Robin Parker, recently had this exchange with Sandra Hunter, our Issue #13 featured fiction author. Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration behind “Brother’s Keeper,” her interest in the perception of otherness and the shifting complexities of identity, and the novel she is working on now… Read more


Scripts that an actor might read

Erin Post interviews
James Reidel


Our poetry co-editor, Erin Post, recently had this exchange with James Reidel, our Issue #13 featured poet. Here’s what he had to say about the nature of the compact between writer and reader, his work as a translator, and the prose poetry he’s working on now. Read more


Fiction Issue #13

Brother’s Keeper

By Sandra Hunter

He is walking. He is about to turn the corner. She is at the window waiting since noon, since last year’s announcement on the church noticeboard, last month’s update, last week’s email, waiting for her temporary Sudanese, temporarily in her living room, her kitchen, her guest room, temporarily so grateful to her American family…
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Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction Issue #13

Whacking a Doe

By Alexander Barbolish

It took three shots to kill my first deer. The first bullet hit at the base of her lungs and exited out the left shoulder. With awkward, halting leaps, the doe bounded forward about twenty yards and then stopped. I rose from the weeds along the tree line and walked out into the field, focusing on the dark hole in the middle of her side.
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Poetry Issue #13

Curb Appeal

By James Reidel


The burnt orange of a dying coral reef,

The pockmarked brick,

The paint peels,

Which blister in great petals and dogears,

Which unfold on closer inspection to reveal an older layer of

That someone else got it right—
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Art Issue #13

Featured Artist Oil on Fiberboard   Robert Zurer                           Artist Statement There is a delectable “unknown” hidden everywhere, behind everything. If I listen, it calls, and if I call, it listens. I want to stick my mind and heart and fingers into it […]